Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The rocket's been complete for a while now

Here's a photo:

What took so long? Well, I've been busy with other things and sporadically ordering all the other stuff needed to launch a rocket. Launchpad, control box, spare engines, the little video recorder, that sort of thing. Rest assured, the first test launch is approaching. Provided all goes well I'd like to upgrade to a two or even three stage rocket.


  1. Nice :D

    Also, I have a blog too, it's about a game I'm making, but has a lot of programming/network security general.

  2. "One giant leap for hamkind"

    Are you launching bacon into space?

  3. That might be cool also. But no, I am launching a hamster roughly 600 feet into the sky and returning his capsule to earth via parachute.

  4. are you going to put mild padding in the capsule? i mean, an egg can take a beating if angled right, but not a hamster.

  5. Yes of course. It comes with that padding, even. The yellow thing in the lower half of the capsule is a very soft silicone like rubber that can be compressed quite a bit. There's also a top half I will probably use as well. Remember the capsule returns via chute, not plummeting to the earth.

  6. Hello there ! I'm a big fan of your blog and webcomics, and I have really enjoyed your hamster-related experiences !

    While I'm really looking forward to that space habitat, I'm having a few questions about this rocket project.

    - Hamsters are sensible creatures, prone to heart attacks and heart failures. They are easily panicked ; not by anything visual, because they can't really see for shit (so being immerged was not a big deal), but I've heard that loud sounds can possibly hurt them quite badly. I don't know how loud these rockets are (I only fired one like that in my life, and it was years ago), but are you sure that the sound, combined with the movement in padded cabin won't make your hamster go nuts to the point of it having a heart attack, or to retrieve a capsul full of piss ?

    - Speaking of retrieval, parachute is a great idea, but what about wind ? If it's strong enough, it might push the hamster in an unreachable place, even if you fire the rocket at low-altitude. Though I guess you already thought of that in some way (I'm pretty bad at physics, so I'm sure you have found a way around that, like using neutrinos or something)

    Sorry for all these questions, but I'm sure our future world-ruling hamsters overlords will be less inclined to enslave us all if they know we have always been caring about their ancestors.