Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bought the fishing line, and mooring info

220 feet of it with a 30lb stress rating. Will be purchasing tiny metal mooring connectors tomorrow that will allow the habitat to rotate in the wind without twisting the line.

Also I came to a pretty obvious realization that unless it's a remarkably still day when I launch this balloon, it will never be directly overhead and the line will always be at an angle. So if I moor it the way I was planning to the entire habitat would be angled, creating an awkward situation for the occupants trying to navigate the interior.

The solution is to have the habitat hanging independently on its own line. Even if the balloon is directly overhead, provided a long enough line the habitat should hang more or less level. And assuming it is always at (at least a slight) angle from the weight holding the line down, this solution is much better and will keep the habitat level regardless of the balloon's movement.