Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Skystation progress

All four sleeping modules are now added. I'm letting the hambros explore and get accustomed to the new layout for an hour or two before returning them to their much larger "land base". I'm pleased with the look of Skystation, it's really turning out well, has that "space station look" to it. Next up, adding the electronics, and rigging the supports w/fishing line in preparation for the balloon.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sky Station WIP

Here's what I put together last night. Not much so far, but you can see by the base, those are the four cylindrical living modules I plan to mount radially around the outer wall of the top level. Somewhat modest, but this is just the Mk1. I've discovered from weighing what's built so far that it all weighs much less than I assumed it would. I've found a $34 latex weather balloon (incl. shipping) 8 foot diameter on eBay that will lift 7lbs and the skystation as-is doesn't quite reach 1lb. This means future skystations may be considerably larger and better equipped. For now, I'm content to build this small "outpost in the sky" to test the idea for feasibility, before committing to anything grander in scope.

Skystation construction has begun.

In anticipation of warmer weather to come, I've begun building the Skystation in earnest. The two vertically oriented modules with climbing tube and water bottle are complete. Yet to be added are the cylindrical modules jutting off the upper section. I am leaving out the lead acid battery as mentioned in the last post, power will be sent from the ground or from a much smaller/lighter onboard lithium battery instead, lower module will be used for bulk food storage.

Pictures soon.